MinecraftEDU TechnoCamp

Course Description

In MinecraftEDU camp, kids become the rulers of their own world, controlling their mobs and creatures while learning to change, customize and edit their tools for survival.  Campers focus on game design, but at its heart, the camp is all about the love of building in MinecraftEDU. Kids learn how to code with a block-based visual programming language inside Minecraft Education’s platform.  Some of the major elements that are explored with our budding game developers are scale, scope, style, and choosing the right setting for the story they want to tell. MinecraftEDU allows for self-directed learning and leveraging the hundreds of pre-built lessons and tutorials.   

For all Incoming 2nd through Incoming 6th grade

Camp repeats itself the second week. 

All 4 Sessions are 78% full - SIGN UP TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT!

Overall, Minecraft EDU provides a unique and engaging learning environment that can promote a variety of skills and competencies in students.

Sample Day Schedule

Parents/Guardians must walk in and check students in the first day. 

9:00-9:15 or 1:00-1:15 Check In and Group Activity

9:15 - 10:15 or 1:15-2:15  First Activity Build/Challenge

10:15-10:30 or 2:15 - 2:30 Snack Break

10:30-11:45 or 2:30 -3:45  Second Activity/Challenge

11.45 or 3:45 Clean Up 

12:00 or 4:00 Group Dismissal

**The last day of camp is "Parent Showcase Day".  You will recieve the information when you check your child in the first day.  WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!**


What is the MinecaftEDU Application?

MinecraftEDU is an educational version of the popular video game Minecraft. It is designed specifically for use in schools and other educational settings to promote learning and engagement in various subject areas, such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), history, and language arts. 

Do I need to bring my own copy of the MinecraftEDU game?

No, NISD will provide a Chromebook that the students to use. 

Does my child need to have any programming or robotics experience to enroll in this robotics engineering camp?

No, this camp curriculum is designed for students from beginner level to advanced level. Students with no experience will be given an introduction into both robotics & programming.

Is a snack or lunch provided at NISD TechnoCamps?

No. Students are asked to bring a drink and a snack for the 1/2 day camps.  If your child is attending a full day camp, bring 2 snacks/drinks and a bagged lunch.

My child is not within the age range of this camp. Is this camp appropriate for my child?

The age ranges provided are for informational and guidance purpose only. We feel that parents are the ultimate judge of where their child will comfortable. If parents are uncertain, we encourage parents to call us for appropriate recommendations on placement of their kids.